Artistic Expressions

The most beautiful expressions of one’s self are those that are chaotic in nature. If you draw a square on a piece of paper, its not called art. But draw a closed wavy loop and you are definately more artistic than a geometrician.
Even superiour expressions are those that have structure and are amorphous at the same time. A painting of abstract art becomes beautiful because the chaos is restricted to the frame that surronds the painting. Beyond the frame there is the familiarity and regularity and predicability of the usual world.
That’s what makes us appreciate art further. Because they are a window to what can be. If the whole world was an artistic expression you wouldn;t appreciate the art you do appreciate now; you would still look at a painting within that world and be impressed by it. And that painting would be something that deviates further from the standard established by the artistic expressions of the world. That deviation could be either towards a more uncertain expression, or maybe it would be a retrodevaition – a square.
That can be used to extrapolate and realise that our world is indeed beautiful.
So what stands out. Why does it stand out. Why aren’t there any exclamatory or question marks after these questions. Aren’t they questions. Aren’t they rhetorics.
What stands out is what should stand out.
We are kept in thisl world by our brain. If we were brainless we would be in the Real world. And then we would not think, we would know. And we would know that there is nothing to know.

9 thoughts on “Artistic Expressions

  1. Sandy,All of your paintings are just btuieaful!I love looking at them. I like the video of your art room. You are so organized and what a stunning view out the windows you have.I hope that you and your family are well and in good health.Miss seeing you!Love,JenniferP.S.Do you do any paintings of dogs?

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