Kill your mind

You are reading this.
Are you?

Do you have questions you don’t have the answer to? Do you speculate what is life? What is existence? Why are we on this earth?

We all have many questions in life, and we don’t have answers to them. But we are smart people. Let’s use our logic and elevate it to chaos.

Logic helps explain the world to us. We use logic and science to enhance our knowledge of the universe we live in. We are happy that we are making progress, going ahead, doing something constructive.

All our efforts are finally aimed at explaining why the hell are we on this earth? what is life? what’s the purpose of life? Why did it all start?

It’s so easy to spoil it all. The “centuries” of scientific progress can not answer these whys?

Why can’t science answer anything non scientific?

The answer is simple.

The weakness of logic lies in the fact that logic isn’t true in itself. It needs external entities which it can only relate with each other. Using logic we only express relations between two entities. And when the relation sounds convincing (if it holds true in most or all cases) then we find the logic accurate. Logic helps in perception. Logic helps in “making sense” of the world.

Now let’s put the process of Logic under the scanner of logic.
What is logic?
Can we logically explain the existence of logic?

Logic exists because we need logic to “make sense” of this world. So logic exists because the world exists. Because we exist. Without us, there is no need for logic, so there won’t be any logic.

And so, logic is a consequence of the human desire to need to explain and understand.

Ha ha.

But the truth is beyond logic.

Sample this:

You are not reading this. You are really not reading this. Make yourself realize that you are not reading this. Your mind won’t let you realize that you are not reading this. You have forgotten to realize. You will know the truth when you will realize that you are not reading this.

Don’t think. Follow your heart. And don’t be scared.Life is nothing.

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