Meaning of Life by Langley

The Meaning of Life by Langley

Haven’t all of us asked ourselves that question? Some of us found the answer; some are still searching for it. I will not try to convince you that I have the right answer; I am only telling you what I believe. You do what you want after that.

To properly answer this, we must first know what distinguishes us from the rest, what makes us unique…what makes us humans. Some might think it’s our “superior” intelligence but that is false since I sincerely believe some animals are smarter than some humans are. (A chimp could easily replace Mr. George W. Bush). Therefore, I looked for something else and then it hit me, creativity. No animal on earth could paint the Mona Lisa or imagine the fantastic scenes that Salvador Dali painted. We humans can imagine and create things. No other animal on earth can do that. It’s common sense to do what you do best. As a result, it would be logical if the purpose of humans were to create and imagine things. It’s as simple as that. At one point, I thought our purpose was to discover and comprehend our universe but any stupid bacteria can do that. Now look at what you are doing right now, you’re thinking about what I just said, developing the idea in your head, and making links. There’s a chain reaction going on in your head and you can’t stop it. Soon you will make up your own idea of what I just said. There, you created something. In this case an idea.

Sure, creative thinking isn’t always good (bombs) but at least we made something no other species can do. I never said the meaning of humans was to do good creative thinking. For that reason, it’s up to us to make sure we don’t create things that are useless and meaningless. Now go out there and THINK!

[The above post has been taken from a freesite in freenet]

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